Within minutes of the idea I knew I would have to make a decision.  A decision that could set the purpose of DJs.com forever.

Would we use DJs.com simply as a way to show mobile DJs?  Or would we include mixers and producers?

As a business guy many were telling me to just chase the money of advertising wedding and event mobile DJs.

But as a creative, I didn't feel right about turning my back on the art and skill side of DJing.

This meant I had a very difficult decision.

As we planned and created DJs.com I determined I only had one choice... to make it for ALL DJs.  Just as it feels the primary DJ domain name in the world should be.

This means no matter what kind of DJ you are, we want you to have a place on DJs.com.

If you know of a way we can better serve your type of DJ, let us know.