How much is a DJ for a wedding?

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The dreaded question.  How much is a wedding DJ?

DJs range from novice to expert. A novice who is just getting started may cost less, but you may be receiving less experience, less quality as opposed to a seasoned DJ, that can provide the services that you are expecting to receive. As a expert, we will provide a consultation and advise our new client on what they may want to have at their event and provide a fee based on their options. 

The cost is based on each individual client, because each client has a different vision of what they want. 

Only $600 for everything. Dance Lighting, Uplighting, Trussing, TV Monitors and more all included

$400 for 5 hours..including the..mic..sound..lights

Dj's will charge what they are worth, much like every industry if you are looking at lower prices your expectations should adjust accordingly. My company has passion for providing the best experience for our clients. We may charge more but the added value we provide speaks for it self.

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