How much is a DJ for a wedding?

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The dreaded question.  How much is a wedding DJ?

DJs range from novice to expert. A novice who is just getting started may cost less, but you may be receiving less experience, less quality as opposed to a seasoned DJ, that can provide the services that you are expecting to receive. As a expert, we will provide a consultation and advise our new client on what they may want to have at their event and provide a fee based on their options. 

All charge different depending where they are in the dj industry. Plus all DJ’s have different set ups. Some are starters. Some are experienced. All depends on the DJ

I personally haven’t had the opportunity to Dj at a club...but I would charge like I charge any other event...but there is a few things that help determine my price..

What equipment do I need to bring, How long do I have to be there..Am I Dj’ing the actual wedding or just the party afterwards 

What type of playlist I need to have ready...

Im still a new Dj so of course I’m tryna beat others price too!

If any wedding DJ charged under $1,000 than chances are they are a novice DJ either just getting started or not being familiar with weddings . The nightclubs and strip clubs I DJ at pay me $300 - $500 a night because of my versatility and I control the whole room . It took me a while to specialize in the wedding game because it’s a way different ball game than a club.  For a wedding I’m required to dress up extra and be to the clients standards , deal with song requests and even host wedding traditions they have during the reception. They also need to rent my equipment from me on top of paying for my personal time , gas money back and forth , and how long it’s gonna take to break down and set up everything . That all has to be factored into the price . I didn’t pay $14,000 on equipment to do $500 parties . At that point I should get a day job like normal people ?? I survive off DJing because I have it down to a science that works for me and my team . I hope this comment helped and enjoy the rest of your day everyone 

Between $500.00 and $1,000.00 

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Your performance will determine how much

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It would vary based on the services provided.  For a large wedding event, you want to make sure you hire an experienced DJ Entertainer/Host for such a special event.  DJ Mickey G Entertainment works with clients with different budgets, but you want the quality of the entertainment to be First Class and something you and your guests will remember for your special day. 

Charisma makes all the difference!

I do this professionally for a living.   I provide the absolute best experience for your venue or event.   I have difference packages available and always work with the client in regards to their budget. I am dedicated to providing the absolute best service for your event.   I am based in New Jersey, but also travel throughout the United States and Internationally. 

The cost is based on each individual client, because each client has a different vision of what they want. 

Only $600 for everything. Dance Lighting, Uplighting, Trussing, TV Monitors and more all included

$400 for 5 hours..including the..mic..sound..lights

Dj's will charge what they are worth, much like every industry if you are looking at lower prices your expectations should adjust accordingly. My company has passion for providing the best experience for our clients. We may charge more but the added value we provide speaks for it self.

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